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Chiropractor in Abbotsford, BC

TO OUR VALUED PATIENTS, we would like to take this time to thank you for choosing our office. Our commitment to you is to strive to be the best family practice by creating an experience where you feel like a part of our family. We will incorporate the best technology has to offer, while implementing evidence-based practices. Welcome to our family.”

At Cascadia Chiropractic Centre we have a friendly health care team with a combined experience of over 40 years ready to help.

Offering the most technologically advanced equipment to effectively diagnose and treat our patients, we are confident we can provide you the best the industry has to offer. Whether you are seeking pain relief, improved mobility or just want to improve your health, our goal is simple… we can help you reach yours.

Why Choose Us

“We are not just a chiropractic centre.  We have incorporated cutting edge modern technology from around the world that fills in the gaps where traditional chiropractic care may be limited.”

– Dr. Simpson Leung

Why Choose Us

Chiropractor in Abbotsford, BC


Cascadia Chiropractic Centre is a modern facility known for its range of chiropractic techniques as well as having the latest in medical technologies capable of treating many types of acute and chronic conditions. Hear what our patients have to say!

“After experiencing chronic pain of tennis elbow for over a year, I received Shockwave Therapy treatment. Over the course of the next six months, I was amazed at the pain relief that followed. My arm is virtually pain free and I’m still expecting a little more healing during the next few months. I’m very satisfied and pleased with the results.”

Giesela K

“Both my husband and I are very impressed with and grateful for Dr. Leung’s treatment and care for us after a great consultation and only 2 treatments! He goes above and beyond to help us regain full mobility and strength in all our joints and muscles offering home exercises as well as treatment. His friendly and warm nature also extends to his office staff who are efficient, knowledgeable, friendly and great! We are grateful to have been recommended to you!”

Deb T

“Spinal Decompression has been a lifesaver for me. Because of a pinched nerve in my back, I couldn’t sleep or walk on my own and I was taking pain medications 24/7. I came into this office on crutches, and within a month, I have become mobile and almost pain free. I thank Dr. Leung and his staff very much. They are very caring and accommodating; also very informative. I definitely recommend this treatment”

Brenda Van S

“I first walked into the chiropractic office due to an injury to my neck. When Dr. Leung informed me of a few other problems, I was surprised. I enrolled in the program designed for me, and throughout the program, I noticed the areas in which I lacked mobility and movement, were being corrected without pain, discomfort and medication! Also, a lifelong problem I had (which 16+ doctors couldn’t figure out), was soon being corrected at the source of the problem! A few of the many benefits I received from chiropractic are: increased range of movement, increased flexibility, less frequent and intense headaches, deeper breathing, and most important, a knowledgeable and friendly staff that helps you to understand every aspect of chiropractic care. My advice is to go in and talk to Dr. Leung, you may just save your life.”

Frank V

“Thank you” is not a big enough work to let you know how much I appreciate your services. Last year after several months of extreme pain and at least eight health professionals that were not able to help me or even really care, I was referred to you by another happy patient. Although I was somewhat skeptical at the time of my first visit, your thorough examination and explanation of your method of treatment reassured me. It was only a matter of three or four adjustments from you and I began to notice that my pain was going away. Within a few weeks the constant pain was gone and after two months the pain had disappeared completely. My wife and kids are now also big fans of yours as well, because we have all become patients and benefited greatly from doing so.”

Chris R

“My name is Diane Savinkoff, and I have been coming to Dr. Leung for just less than a month, during which time, I have experienced significant change in both my overall mobility and my flexibility. I have undergone a remarkable change in my feet alone, more flexibility, less pain, due to the orthotics that was recommended. I recognize a greater mobility in my neck, and lower back, and am very encouraged with the added flexibility in my whole body, during my daily routines, work, walking, and playing with my grandchildren. I know that I have several weeks left on the chiropractic program that Dr. Leung designed for myself, but I am even more encouraged regarding the long-term outcome, because of the wonderful short-term accomplishments that have been achieved so far. It has been several years, since I have been able to sit, stand, walk or drive with as much ease as I have experienced so far. Thank you very much for such a personal, one on one method of treatment.”

Diane S

Chiropractic Services

Designed in 1952 and perfected in the years since, Foot Levelers offers the only completely customized foot orthotic to support all three arches of the foot - our 3 Arch Advantage. With over 63 years of expertise, research and development, Foot Levelers have become the benchmark to providing premium orthotic supports for any lifestyle demands.

Shockwave Therapy

A modern, non-surgical and highly effective treatment method utilizing high-energy sound waves that are introduced into the painful areas of the body. This accelerates the healing process by stimulating the metabolism and enhancing blood circulation to regenerate damaged tendons, ligaments, muscles and bone.

Spinal Decompression

Spinal Decompression was developed to effectively treat lower back pain and sciatica resulting from herniated or deteriorated discs. Spinal Decompression not only significantly reduces back pain in many patients, but also enables the majority of patients to return to more active lifestyles.